Granddaughter’s Day at the Dentist

I received a call the other day from my daughter.  The conversation went something like this:



“You need to talk to your granddaughter!  We’re at the dentist and she’s pitching a fit and I need you to calm her down.”

“Ok….”  I said, chuckling to myself.

“I’m liking this role…”  I think in my mind.

Princess P gets on the phone….

“Hey sweetie!!  How are you?  Are you having a great day?”  I ask.

I heard some low grumbles on the other end.

“Have you been playing with your baby dolls?…..”

“My mom’s in TROUBLE!”

“You’re mom’s in trouble?  How come?”  (I’m trying not to laugh too hard.)

“She’s fighting me!!””

I start cracking up and my daughter says, “we have to go.  They’re here.”

Still laughing over that conversation.



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