Essential Oils for Allergies, Sinus and Skin

One of my favorite essential oil tricks I learned from Boyd Truman was how to deal with allergies and skin issues.  What I learned was that our sinus and skin issues stem from our liver.

Our liver and kidney are the filtration system of our body.  They are the two organs that are trying to cleanse it from impurities.   In my post that talks about essential oils, you will remember that everything we eat, rub on our skin, and breathe in comes into our body and will break down into its purest form.  Most over-the-counter and prescription drugs break down into metal as their purest form.  Consequently, our liver and other organs become toxic with all this metal build up and they have a hard time getting rid of those toxins.  So if our liver is on overload and we walk outside and there is a bunch of pollen in the air or if we rub the wrong stuff on our skin, our liver can’t filter all the extra stuff, so it has to come out somewhere.  That somewhere is usually through the sinuses or skin.  So if we want to resolve allergy, sinus or skin issues, we look at the liver first.  If we can clean the liver out, then we can start getting rid of these external problems.  My favorite oil for this is Zendocrine.  You can read all about this great product and get a better explanation HERE.

The Zendocrine oil helps clean the organs out and gets them on track to become more healthy and do their job of filtering out the bad stuff.  When you get your organs cleaned out, you have a better chance of filtering all the new stuff coming in.  In allergy situations, cleaning the liver and lungs out are helpful.  As you can imagine, it would also be helpful for asthma sufferers because it is cleaning the lungs out, too.  And most of us forget that our skin is the largest organ of our body .  When we rub and spray things on it, it absorbs quickly into all our systems, so it’s important to keep it cleaned out, too.  We also need to be careful of what we are rubbing on.  Many of the lotions we use have a lot of chemicals in them that are causing damage to our organs, as well.  So keeping the liver, kidney and other organs cleaned out will usually clear up many of our allergy, sinus and skin issues.

Here’s my own personal experience:  I didn’t realize until a short time ago that I have been an allergy sufferer my whole life.  I have always had the sniffles.  I just thought it was normal and was apparently so habitual that one day while being driven to school my dad asked me if I did drugs because I was sniffling so much.  I didn’t even know I was.  What I have noticed in the last few years since taking oils is that no only are my sniffles gone, the seasonal allergies are, too, and my skin is better than it has ever been.  All I have done is take the Lifelong Vitality pack (vitamins) and I take the Zendocrine oil in a capsule at night.  The reason you take it at night is because your liver is nocturnal and is doing is job while you are sleeping.  When you take the Zendocrine oil at night, you are giving your liver a little extra help.

Those two things have cleared up my allergies.  Now if I had more serious allergies, I would possibly take lemon, lavendar and peppermint (4 drops of each) in a capsule, too, as it is a great antihistamine.  I’d also be rubbing breathe on my chest and on my sinuses.

For skin issues, I’ve seen some great results with this combination as well.  One friend in Canada told me that a skin issue she had on her scalp had cleared up 70% with just the Lifelong Vitality Pack.  We added zendocrine to her regime to get rid of it.  Another friend had serious psoriasis on her hands.  They were red, swollen, cracking and bleeding.  She began taking the Lifelong Vitality Pack, DDR Prime, Zendocrine and Terrazymes.  (The last two she takes 3 times a day.)  After a week or two her hands had almost completely cleared up.  She did not put any oils on topically because the oils will tend to irritate an area that is purging.  Remember if you have skin issues or sinus issues, it means your body is trying to get rid of toxins through the skin or sinuses, so sometimes putting something more on them will irritate them more because it will either add more toxins (if it’s a lotion or over-the-counter product) or draw more toxins out if it is an essential oil.  If your body can stand something to be put on it, I usually recommend coconut oil and lavendar and possibly some melaleuca added to it if we are trying to rid infection.  From my own personal experience and these of my friends, we found anything topically irritated it.

In my humble opinion, I really believe that everyone should take the Lifelong Vitality Pack and the Zendocrine oil daily.  We all can give our organs some extra help in doing their job.  If we get the right stuff in, our body has the ability to begin healing itself.  It is an amazing creation!

*Update to this article (10/13)

As I was studying about allergies and asthma for a class I was teaching, I learned some new things.  Allergies and asthma are from the body being unable to break down protein.  Milk allergies really aren’t even allergies at all, just a lack of enzymes to break it down, much like celiacs.  With this new found knowledge, it made more sense to me why the terrazymes are crucial for those wanting help with their allergies.  Terrazymes assist in the breakdown of proteins and food.  This is why many people who are taking LLV, Terrazymes, zendocrine and probiotics often find their allergies gone after a while.  It appears that when the proper things are in the body, ie:  good enzymes and bacteria, then the body can break it all down and process our foods  properly, keep our digestive system functioning, and getting our bodies back to the organic and natural healthy state they should be in.  As always, a diet without artificial, synthetic and processed foods make a huge difference.  Our body struggles to break those down and flush them out.  Fresh fruits and vegetables will always be #1 in keeping our bodies healthy.

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