Cough, Cold & Flu

I have been reading on the CDC (Center for Disease Control) Website.  I have been astounded at what I am reading, but not surprised.   The CDC is having a big campaign starting in November (2012) called Get Smart About Antibiotics.  Here are the titles of the brochures that are available for doctor’s offices:  “Cold or Flu.  Antibiotics Don’t Work for You.”  “Snort. Sniffle.  Sneeze.  No Antibiotics Please.”  And “Be Smart.  Antibiotics will not help a Cold or Flu.”  Click HERE to read those brochures for yourself.


Here’s another gem right from the top of the CDC webpage on antibiotics:


Antibiotics and similar drugs, together called antimicrobial agents, have been used for the last 70 years to treat patients who have infectious diseases. Since the 1940s, these drugs have greatly reduced illness and death from infectious diseases. Antibiotic use has been beneficial and, when prescribed and taken correctly, their value in patient care is enormous. However, these drugs have been used so widely and for so long that the infectious organisms the antibiotics are designed to kill have adapted to them, making the drugs less effective. People infected with antimicrobial-resistant organisms are more likely to have longer, more expensive hospital stays, and may be more likely to die as a result of the infection.”
Click HERE for the link to that page.  It is so interesting to me that we have become a group of pill and drug takers.  We’re used to being relieved instantly and mad if we don’t.  In this frenzy, we have built up resistance to antibiotics making it difficult to treat infections when we DO need them.  There is a bunch of reading on the CDC website about antibiotic resistance and the new “super bugs” that antibiotics won’t touch.  I know about these.  I’ve had family members who have had them. is a website where you can see the research done on essential oils.  There are many research papers showing how essential oils help with bacteria, virus and fungus.
Because of this research, I know that we can have help with fighting colds and flu easier and sometimes much more quickly than just “riding it out.”

Getting help for the cold and flu bug is easy with essential oils.  You will LOVE what they will do for you!  Here are some of the things we have tried and proven to work quickly for us during the cold and flu season.


First of all, you can rub a Protective Blend on your feet everyday or diffuse to help protect you from getting sick in the first place.  If the cold and flu set it, here’s what we do around here.



On a teaspoon, pour a little fractionated coconut oil, add 1-2 drops of lemon, cinnamon or cassia, and myrrh.  If this is for a child, I’d use 1 drop of each and use the cinnamon.  If it’s an adult with a miserable cough, I’d use 2 drops and possibly the cassia which is a stronger version of cinnamon.  You can also put it in honey.  Honey is a great cough suppressant, too.


My favorite new thing is a form of a nettie pot:

Take a coffee mug and put water in it and microwave for 1 min or so.  Add 1 drop each: melaleuca, oregano, peppermint, and lemon.  Then cup your hands around the cup and breathe it in through nose and mouth to get into lungs for cough and congestion.  This is so soothing and is a great way to get additional antibiotics in your body.  Really clears up sinuses and congestion.

Here’s Dr David Steurer’s video of it where I learned this trick.

I also put a Respiratory Blend on the chest and sinuses if we are congested.  Be careful not to get it in your eyes.  It  burns. [If any oils get in your eyes or are burning your skin, quickly put some fractionated coconut oil or olive oil on it to stop the burn.  Water intensifies the oils.  Don’t try to wash with water.]



I also will make a capsule of 3-4 drops each of Lemon, Protective Blend, Melaleuca, and Oregano.  This is a natural antibiotic that will get rid of bad bacteria or viruses.  I take it just like an antibiotic– 3-4 times a day.  I usually only have to do this for 2-3 days and don’t need it anymore.  *Oregano should never be taken more than 10 days in a row because it will kill off the good bacteria.



If you really want to get rid of this quick or if you need to sleep and not wake up having a coughing fit, then a back treatment can make all the difference.  We really get rid of anything quick with one or two back treatments.  Back treatments work on so many things because when you put oils on the spine, you hit all your systems at once– the glands, the nerves, the muscles– they all tie to the spinal cord.  It helps give the quickest relief in my opinion.


For the cough and cold back treatment, I use:

Coconut Oil first, followed by





Protective Blend

and Peppermint last.  Peppermint intensifies all the other oils so always start with oregano to wake up the system and always end with peppermint to intensify and super charge them.  The order of the others is not imperative.


Trust me on this….when you take that “cough syrup” and do the back treatment, you will sleep all night and not cough!  It WORKS!  You’ll thank me! ;o)



I use OnGuard and Lemon in my throat.  You can just drop it straight in or spray it.  You can also add it to a little water and gargle it, then swallow.  My daughter has also dropped Melaleuca right onto her throat to help stop the pain.  I also take the “antibiotic” capsule mentioned above for a day or two until the sore throat is gone.



For ear aches, I rub some basil around the outside of their ear, put a few drops of basil on a cotton ball and put in their ear and give them the “antibiotic” capsule mentioned above.  Again I give them the capsules 3-4 times a day until it is gone, which is usually a couple of days.  My son that recently had an earache was feeling better within minutes, but I made him take the “antibiotic” capsule two more times that day and again the next morning, just to make sure  I had the infection cleared up.