Fermented Veggies

Basic Sauerkraut 2 lbs shredded cabbage 1 T Sea Salt Basic Kimchi 2 heads Napa Cabbage, chopped 1-4 inches fresh ginger root, peeled Sirachi hot sauce to desired heat Veggie Mix Cabbage Carrots Zucchini Garlic Turnip Broccoli Celery (any veggies you like, just shred) Fermenting experiment and Free videos on how to make fermented veggies from […]

Water & Milk Kefir

Milk and Water Kefir are great ways to build your probiotics in your gut and make some great homemade items at home. Here is my Water Kefir Recipe For Milk Kefir: Put 3 Cups whole milk in quart jar and add 1 Tablespoon of “grains.”  Let sit on counter or shelf for 24 hours.  The curds […]

Natural Yeast Breads

Natural Yeast Belgium Waffles 1 C Starter 1 Egg 1 T Sweetener  (maple syrup, molasses, honey, or organic cane sugar 1 T Oil  (I use coconut oil) ¼ t Salt ¼ t Baking Soda dissolved in 2 T Milk or water or almond milk 1 t Vanilla ½ t Cinnamon (can add more if you […]

Going Asian at Wendy’s


Mr Perfect and I were headed to Salt Lake City this last weekend for a Leadership Convention.  We made a pit stop in Beaver on the way up and decided to run into Wendy’s to grab a bite to eat since it was near dinner time. I was pondering the menu since I am on […]

Mary Did You Know

My missionary son just melts my heart.  Since the first time I heard him sing this song, it has become one of my very favorites.  He sings it with feeling and love for the Savior.  You can feel it.   This last weekend, he was part of the Palm Desert Stake Christmas Program that was […]

Jadon Hold On Song

Jadon found a sister who he wanted to sing with.  This is a rehearsal recording of the song I wrote for Girls Camp in 2002 called Hold On.  This poor gal had only been given the music a couple of days before.  Little rough, but grateful. Jadon–Hold On

Cooking Tips– Pot Holders


Just a friendly cooking tip here: If you are using a washrag for a pot holder (as we often do) and if you smell something burning, check to see if your wash rag is in the flame. You can thank me later….just wanted to be helpful today.

New Announcement of Missionaries and Stripling Warriors

army of helaman northern utah

As I listened to General Conference this morning and President Monson started speaking, I realized that something big was coming.  I was making chips and stopped to watch and listen and told my 12 and 14 year old that they’d better listen up—something big was coming.  For some reason, I just started crying at news […]

Santa Clara Flood 2012– Nick & Liisa Frei Dutchman’s/Cravings

This has been an absolute miracle to watch unfold as I drive by everyday.  First I have to say that Liisa is one of the most pure, kind, compassionate, creative, genuine woman I have ever met.  To say I love and adore her would be an understatement.  Nick and Liisa are among those who have […]